August 08, 2016

Snowy Mountains Study

Just beyond my small town there are farm roads to write poetry of. I set out with the intention of capturing once and for all a scene with snowy mountains. It has not been nearly as cold a winter as last year but for some few days. 

Here is the little study I accomplished against all odds, including a near maul by a giant ostrich, which in hindsight was more intimidating than I had expected. He followed me nearly to the spot where I sat, but trailed behind after our certain altercation. Luckily he kicked only once and I manged to show him off with my sitting stool! I did show him alright! .. Back to painting: ...

I had some prepared small surfaces for colour studies I keep in a small file, this one primed in very nearly the correct hue and tone of the grassy hillocks and plains preceding the mountains in the distance. This helps considerably with painting time. However I had also sealed the surfaces with an acrylic mat medium before, which I find I did not necessarily like too much. I prefer a porous surface, a whole discussion in and of itself I suppose, for watercolour. There is just nothing quite like a good surface, I could go on and on.. 

Gouche is mostly new to me, and I am thrilled by it, having the sense more so now than before that the old 'pure watercolour approach' is not at all times the highest ideal. Certainly for a study. I am thrilled by the prospects of its quickness and technique and as I am discovering the truths about both transparent and opaque painting.

I did three such studies in all on the day, with differing approaches. Some of the scenery of subject matter so breathtaking it is hard to describe here in words. Working on location is a real challenge but that to which I am more and more intent as I go. 

So here I am painting in the cold, sped up and complimented by Beethoven!

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