August 31, 2016

flyn sketch

Made in procreate on an ipad air, roughly the resolution of an A4. I tried to just capture him figuratively at first, almost as if in oils, and then bringing in a bit of lighting, which helps lift the composition subtly. So a bit of a trial in light as well as alla-prima digital painting.

August 30, 2016

Cradock Street Graaff Reinet

This fellow decided to pose for me, I can tell this is fun..

And at current time: process shot; first wash and pencils..

Cradock Street in Graaff-Reinet Watercolour

August 29, 2016

Favorite spots


Neu Bethesda has to be one of the prettiest towns and most relaxing, inspiring places Winter is a particularly dry time - but in so many ways no less magical. 

Painting on location has taught me, as usual quite allot on this visit, about my medium and composing. I spent two days, did research and trial and more research, a few paintings and studies and had allot of fun.

This gouache study is done on gesoed board, standing looking up from the little shade I found on the side of a river bank under a beautiful willow tree. 


August 25, 2016

Two stralitzia's

 Done for my niece and her fiance, as a final invite design... Hope you like! It was a joy to do...

August 20, 2016

Vhs machine still life

                                                                2048 x 1536 pixels

Note my sizes in pixels as per pro create, the program I used. Effectively comparable to an A5. The irony lies in the antique subject matter, one of my favourites. This was a simple observational study, or still life. In Still life the intention is to capture certain material qualities. 

August 15, 2016

Jan se bucki en huis op Rawson straat.


 Watercolour  7' x 4.5'

Here's a recent plein air I did of down town. We say 'onder dorp'! In the olden days this was a poorer part of town, but things have evened out somewhat. So much changes, this is something that intrigues me about being here especially. There is history that is just that much more apparent than would be in the city. And Im personally convinced so much more could be told of it.

Anyway, I include a photo of the scenery that can be seen would you to look left immediately from within the picture frame. A proud herd of springbuck. In the photo, unfortunately the sun is a little bit too frontal and so it was difficult to expose nicely and show all that there is. But still. It is so gorgeous here at the moment, as there is quite a bit of small scale farming going on, and the sights and sounds to be had! 


Also a photo of the subject scenery, at a different time of day from the painting. About 5pm and the sun hits the far blue ranges of mountains from the last road on the edge of town, and of course oom Johan' se bucki en huis op Rawson straat.

August 14, 2016


I'm busy with character design at the moment, on the side. This is something I drew whilst engrossed in a book, Quite a long while back actually, I won't mention which book however.  It was scribbled down rather quickly as all my work in this vein is, quite representative, painting more than drawing!


I may have over edited it here a little, . due to my excitment using a new app! 

August 08, 2016

Snowy Mountains Study

Just beyond my small town there are farm roads to write poetry of. I set out with the intention of capturing once and for all a scene with snowy mountains. It has not been nearly as cold a winter as last year but for some few days. 

Here is the little study I accomplished against all odds, including a near maul by a giant ostrich, which in hindsight was more intimidating than I had expected. He followed me nearly to the spot where I sat, but trailed behind after our certain altercation. Luckily he kicked only once and I manged to show him off with my sitting stool! I did show him alright! .. Back to painting: ...

I had some prepared small surfaces for colour studies I keep in a small file, this one primed in very nearly the correct hue and tone of the grassy hillocks and plains preceding the mountains in the distance. This helps considerably with painting time. However I had also sealed the surfaces with an acrylic mat medium before, which I find I did not necessarily like too much. I prefer a porous surface, a whole discussion in and of itself I suppose, for watercolour. There is just nothing quite like a good surface, I could go on and on.. 

Gouche is mostly new to me, and I am thrilled by it, having the sense more so now than before that the old 'pure watercolour approach' is not at all times the highest ideal. Certainly for a study. I am thrilled by the prospects of its quickness and technique and as I am discovering the truths about both transparent and opaque painting.

I did three such studies in all on the day, with differing approaches. Some of the scenery of subject matter so breathtaking it is hard to describe here in words. Working on location is a real challenge but that to which I am more and more intent as I go. 

So here I am painting in the cold, sped up and complimented by Beethoven!

Cat doodles