May 27, 2014


This is a very old character of mine, from a panel that seems almost finished. I imagine I would have wanted to use a different treatment of the extreme background. This is what was inked however and the pencils I have faded out.

May 24, 2014

May 21, 2014

Municipal council & Library Simonstown

After much deliberation here is what I painted on this day in May. Simonstown has so many secrets and views, this one took some composing and not enough planning, or mind for perspective. Perhaps I should invest some time in that, as it helps, when observing from life, buildings especially, which is often the subject outside. I was lucky to have had only the very slightest drizzle at a point but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this, sitting outside on a day like today, near to my home.

Morning life

Here is one of yesterday's efforts, it was a struggle! This was the last long pose of the day, and arguably a difficult subject, especially for this type of treatment. I learn allot at life drawing, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to go these days. 

May 12, 2014


Here are some photos from my recent travels. I visited the west coast fossil park, which was fantastic, I looked at 5 million year old evidence of an African bear, a once colossus animal of the region called a Sivathere and had a glimpse into the past.

I did the tour with long time local resident Nicki (above) who had actually worked on the phosphorus mine before the park existed and thanks to which these finds were made, supposedly. I also chatted with resident paleontologist Pippa Haarhofff.

My imagination was certainly active, I could feel it in the cells of my body, the idea and a picture of the past. An evolution of emergence.

    A Sivathere (long horned short necked giraffe). 

A rough idea, trying to get a feel for the creatures look. I will post more on the process soon.

I also did attempt to Plein air, but in fact was taken in for interrogating by two army soldiers after starting with my first washes. I had decided on capturing a top secret jetty, one that the army uses to ferry guys to the base, which is on the other side of the bay and a place quite difficult to reach by land, the only route would be through the reserve. 


I love the west coast, perhaps because it reminds me of home further north!