July 12, 2013

Fishook Circle

Again I am using my little field water colours, not sure if these are quality paints but they seem to work. Each time I do these I'm learning, I liked the view somewhat and did not need to change the composition as such. Though I'm not sure I end up paying enough attention to all of the components equally, rather keeping my attention on the focal areas. This is good to know not to do next time. Also I seem to think if it fades to light or dark in a corner is of some importance too.
In the end I got quite cold and this added to rushing. The idea is I suppose that of watercolours being sketchy, albeit painterly, but sketch in the loose sense of it, and thus quicker.. but getting cold doesn't count. In the end however I was pleased with this painting. I'm paying attention to scale particularly at present, and the rendering process with that in mind. Of course depth being a primary factor in good art.
Fishook! Yer beautiful