October 22, 2012

Chalking Bertha's

So whilst there is so much creativity on the go for me, to name them: tattoo designs (which I am only helping with) for my bro, mural commissions (previously begun to explain), a Dali replica and not to mention homework for Rayno.. we are doing storey boards which is quite challenging but also surprising and energising.  I have had some time to do my own little sketches too here and there, for a quiet moment, but whats really kept me busy has been the work done for the restaurant down the road. My dear sister Kerry is managing it, so she made up her mind to ask for my hand at refurbishing and re making the chalk board signage.. CHALK. She has been heard saying: "you like chalk now hey?" over my shoulder for the past days  whilst I have been in the foyer of the restaurant applying mine hand..

It was great yesterday I had two young boys (5 & 6) keep me company in the morning during the proceedings, they were with family for brunch. Nice conversation really.. and complimentative as was the case generally with passers by, which was a certain esteeming factor. I am grateful to my sister. I also am getting paid I hear. . I have completed a number of chalk boards in the restaurant proper and then I did this large temporary work in the foyer, which will be swiped off end of the month to begin the mural in its place, the top half of the mural will remain for chalking on.

It was a really great thing to do these boards as I have learnt allot and upped my momentum incredibly. It is one thing to think about a work, and then actually get stuck in. So admittedly as is usual there was some process involved. I have tried to explain this to friends: that certain process of knowing I can do something, but not actually/realistically being able to in a sense, but then because I knew I could, I did.. with some effort,some gratification, some esteem. Its all about the action.. and the results are not un-likable as far as I am concerned. Obviously there's the closeness to the work, which of course I had to experience coming out of, and then doubling back, and taking the criticism: my West Coast Lobster is frankly missing a head (I stuck his eye ball stalks on the end anyway) and well, that's a flattering tail if ever I saw one.

The boats I strolled down the jetty this morning to quickly sketch as reference in a little pad to take back into the foyer with me. What I do know now is that I DO like the chalk you know.. its really fun, because you have to have clear intention (you cant really rub out without leaving a mark, so to keep the stark contrasts of which this medium is all about you CANT mess up! except on lobsters!) and its really attractive and fullfills its function therefore as it stands out, jumps out hopefully and grabs prospective customers. I think I would have upped the sales some over the next while for lunches, and I have upped my skills too so I am happy!

 If you are in the neighborhood pop into Bertha's too see the other SPECIALS!