August 10, 2010


This is an oil commission piece I did in roughly 2001. It was captured at last on camera sitting on the wall of my friends place.. I only remember doing it vaguely, but enjoyment is not also easily forgotten, so .. an oil painting done on board, the frame I also made and assembled. I used some pine bark and silver paint, the rest is wood and some strips of green streamer paper.

Lady's Body

I have just realised when catagorising this, it is niether sketch (inthat it isnt from life or referenced externally) nor is it a drawing in its conservative sence (because it isnt finitely rendered) so it is only a doodle, which is my forté it seems of late. Wach out for the next post...

Old MF Bergie

Ancient from the Magic Forest, all non-fictional origional refernce, here doodled and blogged!