April 16, 2010

Tiste Edur

Also Steven Erickson inspired. I highly recommend reading his books (obviously they are not for everyone, probably for the more 'over-developed' imaginers, never the less.. ) This doodle is one of unfixed intention, included is the clown's head as a supplement on the page.

April 07, 2010


Here is a cropped version of a ball pen piece in my latest doodles pad. The crop works well to present it here as what I consider the finish product. Should I give it a name. The filename is: Norskman(bv).jpg .. Cheers

April 06, 2010

Three Crayon

This piece is the result of an art class which I ran this past month. The idea arose straight out of a library book and I guess I was really trying it out for myself therefore. The colours and media work so well together it hardly required any effort on my part and frankly I was a little surprised and actually pleased with it. A very worthwhile and notable meditative three quarters hour spent with some good sanguine sticks, charcoal and white pastels. The still life in front of us featured an array of onion, garlic and potatoes. And so too a new category begins on my blog. Cheers