March 08, 2009

Gun Proud

This guy has a phallic gun and very insubstantial hands with which to fire it. He represents (to me.. not to give away too much) illegitimate pride, which comes with seeking status and recognition, which I read somewhere only recently. It is a mixed media event, pastels and charcoal background as well as pencils with oil paints and foreground cut out (I think that always looks so nice scanned, some may disagree). 

March 07, 2009

Comic Experiments

I think that aesthetically these are not the most pleasing articles from my portfolio or what amounts to what could be termed that, for now. However I do believe they are of some worth if not simply for the colours and in recalling it experimentally. I was specifically intending something comic in form at the time and trying to do most of the work before capturing it digitally. More and more in my personal life I am realising the necessary enjoyment that comes with any creative process. I have gotten a certain amount of joy out of all my productions, and these would be two such products. Their presence on my blog was mandatory, and in completing the theme(s) that have developed here so far. You will notice in the characters that are repeated. Lekka! C.M.