June 30, 2008

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, a caricature. I was encouraged in this medium during school. My mother took me to visit Collin Daniels resident Cartoonist at the Argus newspapers. He gave me some special nib koki's and this is one of the products that came of it.

Jonty Rhodes

This is one of my first Caricatures.. of Jonty Rhodes famous SA cricketer at the time.. around 1994/5 I was about 11yrs old then! WOW!


Her name is Marj, one of three in a series of characters, oil paint with a charcoal backdrop. Done in 2001


2001.. oils and charcoal back.. this ones name is "Tabac" she's the biggie! Loverly!


2001 - oil and charcoal, this character is named Crak (after the alkaloid) and she is part of  a series of three such characters, shown above. 

All Hearing

This is another designer piece, oils, pencil, ball pen.. something quick, but something finished.. just is what it is.. 

Above Beauty

Probably my first real expression in oil paint. I remember titling this one "Above Beauty" why? Im not sure.