October 11, 2007

Dry Dancers

Another image for the show.. this is an old
drawing I coloured in and scanned, so it is not
a digital creation in any way..


An idea I had for a small comic style concept.. Countacula..
The vampire count who wears tackis and is the size of a flea
and who lives in a broken tea pot on the edge of an old
mansions garden.. I have put this here to show an eg.
of a really rough sketch, its done quite small and as you can
see in a lined paper book.. I like the way the scan shows this
and I'm guessing it's more or less an exploit into my creative
process..!! He's also a vegetarian!!

I finished one half of it in colour on paint shop. Just experimenting, thought I'd add it to this post. Dont like the black, and effects too much though. Learning!

Keep an eye out for the count! Later