August 29, 2018

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Screen Capture Characters

Finding a suitable digital medium in which to quickly, or, for me more effectively create, as I suppose: someone visually inclined is to do, the direction can and will veer off into the digital frontier altogether.  If you are making art on a touch screen how much easier everything becomes right? Well, not necessarily so. Thing is painting with your finger with fancy brush settings, learning those and all the panel offers is one thing. The application. What about the ART? Or more firmly even, the subject ? How about a subjective look.  Click on one to open in a slideshow. 


People like "ART" because they can see the way the producer of the art sees. The way they themselves see but in a sublime moment only perhaps, it’s experiential, nay existential. It is very little to do with subject, but everything to do with it. And who can then truly create ANY ‘art’ would the next goto response. ART, ARTIST. What are these terms? 

It is also standard these days, commercially. To the picture maker, invaluable in helping the creative spontaneity perhaps. With regards the digital space we hold and those brave frontiers, never before explored and so on, it is seminal in our minds. Art? Or is it not ART? We have lost focus on the subject. And found it again.

In my exercises with the above 4 composited canvases is a performance of the subject, myself inhibiting the space between your eyes and a computer or other electronic device screen. And (You are now spellbound and hypnotized into a deep trance like state from which you will only awake knowing .. exactly what I mean) it is then all up to you and the screen.  So easy, no mess or fuss. I hope you like them, however digital. And if not, there is a print version made especially. 

From a technical standpoint allot is dictated by the program, cutting, resizing, layers and all those things really help, but essentially my finger represents either a pencil or crayon or something big or small, bold and or opaque enough for the drawing. I use my finger because its just easier, think about it. It’s extremely difficult to stick with this 'drawing' stage long enough, but it’s the most important, and this was in truth my objective, and of course traditionally speaking it should lend itself to a painterly treatment in whatever form thereafter. In these cases they are painted in with value only (pity!), each one took more or less an hour to do, some were longer and others extremely short.

In the examples are scenes snapped off a screen while running using a program, the movie plays on my laptop and I hit ctrF12..Then I open the image and off I go. Some fine actors are given tribute here not least of which to name and my personal hero at an early age:  U’Shaka. The great Elephant, and more specifically the man Henry Chele, who’s portrayal pervaded in the masterpiece the series became. Now I can talk about George Lucas and others too, but lets just enough said, for now.

Reference is the key, without it I am at a loss for which to make justice to the ending of this B-logggging..  Below a collage of my reference used. Best CM

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