August 10, 2017

Vervits of the Karoo

Mostly napping vervit troop
Vervit above and below

I very happily had occasion to accompany some students in a near by reserve who are studying these vervit monkeys, thanks to them I got really close and with some real gusto put colour to paper. Top two images. 

Where I live they frequent my compost bin which suits me as most folk would sooner send a flying bullet to save their lone lemon or apricot. Its nice to know they have the attention of academics and not just me. When I first moved to town I got a couple of tiny watercolour interpretations in (below). Just a dab of sienna and a dark cool grey (probably paynes) to accent and create the form. Simple is always most effective. 

Im hoping to do more finished pieces soon and will include reference photos and perhaps a video then. I really want to move toward animals in the next while, especially considering the design I will be doing for a public wall. And in an area where these little guys thrive. They (males I suppose only) have seriously bright turquoise testicles! Ill add a little more information on the next post, as they are very fascinating and there is much to tell in fact. 

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