August 09, 2017

Its My Birthday!!

I started this blog 10 years ago today, with this little post. I remember well, sitting at the video store on Rosmead ave in Cape Town where I was working (humble beginings!), we had just been taken over by a new owner and so had also gone online with a new system. I had managerial privileges and got to scoping out the options. I could once program with GWbasic but it had been some years since then and without a computer. These things develop fast! I opened a FB account and got my blogspot account linked to my email. Google is a little evil in this way since its not made one update or improvement to the blogger app in the last 10 years that I can tell. That means for someone without much "coding" or web designing savvy I think I have fared well.

Honestly I have also just recently really begun to make sense of the whole Photoshop realm, (thank goodness) and this is helping tremendously with the digital side of my work. I can even make a little gif file as you see, It is really a demonstration of the surface (following my last post) on top of which the little animated armature (happily) sits. So I use a base paper grain/texture/surface and the rest is layers set on multiply, a little focal colour/light and that is it!

Quite extraordinary how things change though, and the world we live in seems so different to what I may have thought 10 years back. Its especially evident in these 'environs', facebook and so on. Everything gets posted online, and networks of people share and comment but perhaps are actually interfacing on a physical level less and less.

FB had the first ingenious closed network system. One of a kind, works seamlessly with all other web content now days. Google started out providing a more autonomous blog platform but simply and seemingly recalled any energy spent on it, instead bolstering their own type of closed network, ie google + . I dont think it will get the same traction, trying for the same market, but of course they are the no.1 search engine, always accumulating information. The biggest 'Machiavellian' baddie of all perhaps. So that without it the web becomes inaccessible. And its just a search engine!

Who will be the biggest, most powerful player in the game for the great pseudo brain we all use these days? If you were a big global multi corp like them what would you say? Hmm I wonder.

 It is certainly the age of information. People are sold hook line and sinker by the rabbit hole searches they go down. Critical thinking we were taught in science class out with the bath water. Anyway..

Aberdeen Street Scene in Watercolour

I have quite a few projects coming up. Painting the karoo scapes, peoples and experience! I will be adding more videos and demos, and many surprises as my creative process unfolds, music even, very exciting. The right sidebar is already full of specific topic lists to look up under and a resources section I will be adding more to in time.

Everything is my own, the idea; of Curt-mart or C-mart is a sharing of information specific to a particular creative process, and its for FREE and with not one bit of hidden ulterior motive (vein glory included). Also the word ART  is a vaguely construed word for me, embedded in my name, and a further premise for the conversation and title. What is art? Hmmmm,? A good question!

I will be sharing more content on Facebook, twitter and Instagram etc, so please join me there too. Here's to 10 years .. the best is yet to come.

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