May 17, 2017

asante sana watercolours

This little sketch was done in watercolour on the side of the road with my straw hat on and, I think, a mixture of tubes and cakes on stretched paper. That might make more sense to fellow watercolourists though!? Honestly I use both, of course each has its advantage and I quite like that the old masters were confined, for the most part, to the 'cake'. I have lots, of full and half pan ones as well as other sorts in different grades of expertise and 'light fastness' all depending on what its constituents are. 

Whatever paint you cant use on the spot ultimately dries and becomes a cake anyway, especially out here in our climate! Some of these pigments and binders need to be splashed around and experimented with at least once to experience them first hand and notice how they all vary. I quite enjoyed painting this majestic scene, and rather hope the subject and the composition conveys that . 

I enjoyed it so much I went home and did a painting in monotone, that is; one tone only, using two tubes, however; this time (sepia and titanium white) to achieve a more considered piece limiting my pallet so as to really understand my mediums. My focus was on the depth, of course values and the overall mood, that to me is vital in my expression of the landscape. Now for the same with snow!

bonus 'process shot': first transparent sepia wash