August 15, 2016

Jan se bucki en huis op Rawson straat.


 Watercolour  7' x 4.5'

Here's a recent plein air I did of down town. We say 'onder dorp'! In the olden days this was a poorer part of town, but things have evened out somewhat. So much changes, this is something that intrigues me about being here especially. There is history that is just that much more apparent than would be in the city. And Im personally convinced so much more could be told of it.

Anyway, I include a photo of the scenery that can be seen would you to look left immediately from within the picture frame. A proud herd of springbuck. In the photo, unfortunately the sun is a little bit too frontal and so it was difficult to expose nicely and show all that there is. But still. It is so gorgeous here at the moment, as there is quite a bit of small scale farming going on, and the sights and sounds to be had! 


Also a photo of the subject scenery, at a different time of day from the painting. About 5pm and the sun hits the far blue ranges of mountains from the last road on the edge of town, and of course oom Johan' se bucki en huis op Rawson straat.