September 25, 2015

Die Kerk Toring en Jackson street no.29

  Our home town church, the NG kerk Aberdeen turns 160 this year and in celebration I have donated a painting of the lovely building, done en Plein air toward the later part of the day on Saunders 300gsm cold pressed using W&N pure water colours. 

And a typical Karoo house, very old (probably a little more than mine) with the same technique. Hopefully more news unfolds as the weekend progresses! See you there.

September 12, 2015

Contours and Canvases

       Just browsing through the archives and found these. The contour sketch done from life of a model and given a painterly finish with washes in the second image. I was trying out an effect with the paint which didn't quite yield too satisfactorily, but i liked the drawing and the combined method. 

       Then below is probably the largest canvas I have used, this was a commission which I did quite a long time ago for someone, I also quite liked the assignment though I would probably do it very differently had I to do it again. Second image shows the scale and my old apartment door by comparison. 

swan 1.8m x 1.6m (Acrylic)