July 13, 2014

Small painting

So here is my newest study painting book, they keep getting smaller, only coincidentally though. After using a moleskin and then ordering my second one which turned out a size smaller, I was passing a shop in the mall the other day and have now sourced a great supplier of hand made books of all sizes. And made in India, some of them are really beautiful. The shop keeper informed me that they are made with rice paper, I'm not sure about that, but certainly the small one I chose (and could afford) seemed to be of a suitable enough paper for wet media. So I thought id purchase that one and tried it. It works pretty well with a single wash, but can't handle allot of strong pigments or consistencies of these. It's been so much fun, just to sketch something off and so keep my hand at it, without being too attached to the outcome. Having happy accidents as they say. 

Here are a few of them. I had hoped to do one a day in it, but managed only a few consecutive days before life got too busy, today I am back into it, copying a flower arrangement at work, I am surprised these beautiful aloes are blooming this time of the year.

It's worth noting the scale of these, as this decreases there is an increase in detailed marking, the subtlest of touches and attention to each mark is more relevant than usual and this is a helpful hindrance perhaps as I see it. Either that or, it's just about making really small paintings in a roundabout way of saying!