June 11, 2014

Glen Cairn Winter

It has been such a nice day out, after rain and more rain. What a relief to feel the sun and what better thing to do than paint somewhere beholding to it all. I have a new little paint book too, which is half the size of my other one, also a moleskin. So, here is what it contains so far...

The above study actually takes up half even of a page. It is approximately 2inch square. Both times I use my small watercolour field kit and a no.3 and no.8 brush.

Mental Notes: 1. More can be stated simply. Simplify forms, better to have correct placing 
                      2. Keep penciling either inside or outside of lights and shadows,
                      3. The brush will do the rest!

Below are some photos of the scenery today. I sat and did the little painting overlooking the vlei from the restaurant balcony. I think it's called the Southern Right.. A very relaxed day! Cheers