March 31, 2014

Greyton en Plein air in March


This is a painting (with process photos above) I did outdoors in Greyton this past month. I set up across the road from this little backpackers, there was a stable sort of building with horses grazing the ground directly opposite me and the adjacent corner I was wanting to capture, a few locals were wondering around, one collecting fallen acorns which is the phase at the moment (constant and reoccurring, a sudden bounding off of metal surfaces), and others at various intervals of their day. Some tourists coming out of the backpackers and driving off in their rentals waved at me which heightened my confidence naturaly! 


The attraction I guess apart from the structural splendor of the old building and its running and dappled shadows in the foreground was really the magnificent and admittedly front lit mountain, I suppose a little of a 'no brainer' as subject (as in- 'not a good idea' -) but never the less, the mountain inspired this, and overall I was pleased to accomplish it. I sat and completed it on the road side and then wondered back to the quaint little house of a friends I was in for the night. Certainly a good time of year for Greyton, and lends itself to pictures definitely.