March 29, 2014

3 from Memory

The above paintings were done in watercolour on Georgian watercolour paper 300gsm and no bigger than A5 in size. The top piece is a concept of the view entering Murdock valley close to where I stay, the sense and for the most part visual picture I got when driving around that corner in my car.

The last painting here also imprinted on me whilst driving into the sun to work one evening recently, the golden light as it filtered through and silhouetted the scene of trees lining the road. The middle piece was a little fun with the medium and happy accidents, using two different greys to block in the rainy sky. It was on Muizenburg beach this past week, and out to sea there could be seen the reflected colours of light, as in a rainbow. So that is how you paint a memory!

I liked making these especially since they each do signify their own existence or are in existence to signify the bigger experience of my own existence, at a moment in time. In a way of describing it. And a step beyond plein air perhaps!