August 10, 2014

Fair Lane air

 (or lessons in unforgiving and perfectionism)

5" x 4" 

For this little pure watercolour plein air painting I drew a frame on a larger piece of stretched paper (forget which kind ) somewhat central hoping to achieve some of the vital edges this medium can give but this was not to be as inevitably when working I tend to drip little pigments all over, trying as I may have to wash a few out. A mind for the border seems to be a prerequisite with watercolour. At least there is the comfort always of knowing a frame may help, and I stress help for in my quest for perfection as is more often than not the case, I learn the lesson of intention with the wonderful and unforgiving nature of this transparent process. Real intentional mark making where the result is my own and hopefully one that another may appreciate also but not always be subject to all the little secrets of its origin. 

Here we have the road leading to my house (as all of them do, this one two off). The sun went down immediately in front of me and in fact was making the subject unseeable without using my one hand to shade my view at the time penciling in the composition. The effects needless to say changed somewhat dramatically over the period of the hour or so it took, by the end nearly in darkness. I like to think I caught some of that ambiance and just enjoyed the arrangement to begin with. So, now for a suitable tittle (and to accompany this post as well).

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