August 16, 2014

Maisie Pillimer book cover

Last week I finished a first book cover commission. The publication is due to be out before the end of September I believe but I am waiting to hear more at this stage. I was tasked to do a characterization of Ms Maisie Pillemer of whom the book is about. I read it in preparation as I was quite interested to get a feel for the cover and a better sense of what I should do. It was an enjoyable read about her life and experiences in her spiritual calling and work in South Africa. Andrew Barron who heads up the organization which Maisie had been involved in got hold of me and we skyped to discuss the project before it got going. 

Below are some process shots I took as I worked on a final oil painting portrait working from photo reference. Look forward to seeing this in print! 

And the finished art work below:

The final cover design with text and back I will upload onto my website soon. 

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