July 19, 2014

Colourfull Constructions

Here I am posting a piece I completed, that is more of a study. It took two occasions, although I suppose I may have done it altogether, and on the second round I was also pressed to leave early and abandon mid treatment. Deciding on subject matter was helped in this instance by a table and chair from which I could approach it, and return to. 


These sorts of studies try to be stand alone pieces or find completion but I don't always get it totally right. Sometimes it can be frustrating, finding the composition mostly, then coming back to the table and chair and just sitting. Actually I could really just sit anywhere and find enjoyment with a subject to illuminate, interpret, but it doesn't always seem that simple beforehand. This view was quite lovely, and as far as buildings go, a painterly purpose most definitely. I like to get some colour in my washes, I still find this medium so thoroughly enticing. The studies continue

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