March 03, 2014

on fantastical inspiration..

An amazing author is John Dickinson, who's work inspired the following little doodle. It is here just as a quick addition and means to express this current inspiration. I am quite ravenously now pouring through a second book of his after finishing: the Widow and the King. Towards the end of the book a very strong character enters and of whom I made this interpretation. I highly recommend these novels!

This is a simple pen drawing on paper, traditional spur of the moment, but I am also using my new tablet to post this and thus he acquired some digital finishing. I am just adding this quickly, the point for me is that i felt a connection to the character and decided to try to capture what I visualized/felt. The colouring may help to present the piece just a little better or it might not!? Technically this would be classed as a rough, however sometimes my favorite works are done spontaneously like he was with pen on paper, the trick from there is not loosing the vitality when transferring. Perhaps it is about intention though, if I intend to draw something~ I do, usually I must be inspired first. And there are ways about this!

Below is a finished watercolour painting that I started at art cafe for fun one morning.. It was a joy to finish this and nicest of all was wetting in the tree reflection. A welsh castle I believe, not too certain which. I worked from a black and white photo and it was painted on rather unsuitably stretched drawing paper of some sort. 

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