March 31, 2014

Greyton en Plein air in March


This is a painting (with process photos above) I did outdoors in Greyton this past month. I set up across the road from this little backpackers, there was a stable sort of building with horses grazing the ground directly opposite me and the adjacent corner I was wanting to capture, a few locals were wondering around, one collecting fallen acorns which is the phase at the moment (constant and reoccurring, a sudden bounding off of metal surfaces), and others at various intervals of their day. Some tourists coming out of the backpackers and driving off in their rentals waved at me which heightened my confidence naturaly! 


The attraction I guess apart from the structural splendor of the old building and its running and dappled shadows in the foreground was really the magnificent and admittedly front lit mountain, I suppose a little of a 'no brainer' as subject (as in- 'not a good idea' -) but never the less, the mountain inspired this, and overall I was pleased to accomplish it. I sat and completed it on the road side and then wondered back to the quaint little house of a friends I was in for the night. Certainly a good time of year for Greyton, and lends itself to pictures definitely. 

March 29, 2014

3 from Memory

The above paintings were done in watercolour on Georgian watercolour paper 300gsm and no bigger than A5 in size. The top piece is a concept of the view entering Murdock valley close to where I stay, the sense and for the most part visual picture I got when driving around that corner in my car.

The last painting here also imprinted on me whilst driving into the sun to work one evening recently, the golden light as it filtered through and silhouetted the scene of trees lining the road. The middle piece was a little fun with the medium and happy accidents, using two different greys to block in the rainy sky. It was on Muizenburg beach this past week, and out to sea there could be seen the reflected colours of light, as in a rainbow. So that is how you paint a memory!

I liked making these especially since they each do signify their own existence or are in existence to signify the bigger experience of my own existence, at a moment in time. In a way of describing it. And a step beyond plein air perhaps!

March 23, 2014

Two paintings


Two little Watercolours on one page in my moleskin, one is from a view down a lane in Greyton just recently, and (left) the other a view from above in Simonstown. Both taught me a lot about painting outside in this medium. About being loose but compositional in the early planning, then intensifying focus with each wash and brushstroke. Finding a view is never as hard as I at first think if I am concentrated on doing a painting. Below I have framed each separately for a finished look.

(click to see detail)

March 17, 2014

Favourite Places

The above is seaforth beach done on location under a palm tree, roughly A5 size and below also a scene done of Fish Hook Jagers walk again, this one being a present given to my sister. These photo's are not good quality unfortunately, and perhaps I will be able to get better ones in the future.

Below is a fun painting_ in discovering the effects of watercolour on this paper, a good quality printing paper I believe, something like a Fabriano, highly absorbent and thus not a good choice, but I persisted with my pigment and quite like how it ended up looking. It was done of the hillside in Kommitjie on a late afternoon. 

Click on images to see larger

March 12, 2014

Boulders Beach

This was done from an old black and white photo, purely to practice. The painting is severely warped because the paper is. I am going to try the after stretch approach, which is: wet the back side thou roughly after and slap it onto a clean piece of glass. Let's see.. 

March 03, 2014

on fantastical inspiration..

An amazing author is John Dickinson, who's work inspired the following little doodle. It is here just as a quick addition and means to express this current inspiration. I am quite ravenously now pouring through a second book of his after finishing: the Widow and the King. Towards the end of the book a very strong character enters and of whom I made this interpretation. I highly recommend these novels!

This is a simple pen drawing on paper, traditional spur of the moment, but I am also using my new tablet to post this and thus he acquired some digital finishing. I am just adding this quickly, the point for me is that i felt a connection to the character and decided to try to capture what I visualized/felt. The colouring may help to present the piece just a little better or it might not!? Technically this would be classed as a rough, however sometimes my favorite works are done spontaneously like he was with pen on paper, the trick from there is not loosing the vitality when transferring. Perhaps it is about intention though, if I intend to draw something~ I do, usually I must be inspired first. And there are ways about this!

Below is a finished watercolour painting that I started at art cafe for fun one morning.. It was a joy to finish this and nicest of all was wetting in the tree reflection. A welsh castle I believe, not too certain which. I worked from a black and white photo and it was painted on rather unsuitably stretched drawing paper of some sort.