February 27, 2014

Tree from Life in pen

Last night i spent an evening with Hazel Soan, whos work i stumbled upon at the library in the course of last year. How fortuitous, I had to mention it. She is a figurative painter, and traditional ARTIST of the highest caliber. Also what appeals to me most is her exquisite watercolour. I am a big fan and got to say so after she had finished her talk on an inspiring topic: INSPIRATION.

As I said a real ARTIST and so a great treat for me! And I learned some stuff too. As for the fishook art society, well thats a whole other set of values!!

I wanted to add a post since it has been a while, and I also found an image not yet seen on the big screen, but which deserves it. Done in ball point on a small piece of paper and the colour and cleaning in paintshop pro thanks to a tutorial or two. I believe this must have been one of our wonderful Protea trees that are found in this area, (Scarborough in this case) they are quite awsome.

As always hit the image if you want to see it bigger.