January 28, 2014

Beetle business

This is a multiple label post. I have photographed my finished earrings, a project that stretched over quite some time. My aim is to market them, and or to have them for now, adding to my catalog of works, give to friends and loved ones etc. They are also aligned to my continued source of inspiration. Which you can see even in my previous painting, the blue nettle stalker. He has the wings of a net winged beetle, i encountered one and was mesmerized, exultant. Yet the painting is not quite the same sentiment, never the less.

This is exoskeleton / invertebrate perfection!! I am no bio-freak but that's saying something as far as I am concerned. What a marvelous world we inhabit, and along side of. ..

The harlequin Lady bird, as distinguished from BUG as may be applied (lady-bug). Only i don't like the term BUG in this context probably because its not the most appealing thing for perhaps a lady to want to wear on a lobe. The difference is that a bug has a little sucker and a Beetle on the other hand is geared with certain mandible like instruments. Difference. Beatles as a rule fascinate me especially. A lady bird is one. This is the harlequin variety, and of which I have made approximately 18 pairs of studs.

All my lady birds were collected on the west coast right on the beach, the same time as this post. There were hundreds of them all over and being washed up in the surf and I needed to be careful to ensure i was not picking up live ones. 

Then amazingly after getting back from holiday recently I had an inundation of beetle folk inhabiting the corner of my garden and entering into my lounge and kitchen. I was somewhat vexed at the time having an increasing interest in these creatures and also of how to go about utilizing their influence on me. I decided in the end against the catch and freeze method and instead lived for the time being amidst them, and was so grateful. What has resulted is a vested interest in macro photography, thanks to the camera still on loan, and also a voluminous collection of these beetles carcasses, which i will also fabricate into further pairs of earrings. What a magnificent life form as I am sure the photos convey. 

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Scientific name: Conchyloctenia or otherwise called a tortoise beetle, in some cases spotted tortoise beetle. I believe i witnessed a very special creature indeed. I also encountered a different variety that is the same general species I'm sure but it was marked with a brilliant gold on completely transparent shell. 

If you would like more information or have anything to contribute on the topic whatsoever please leave it in the comments below. 

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Unknown said...

Wow..those earrings are flippin awesome..well done-unique and pretty to wear on the ear...markets!!..and online...