October 03, 2013

Bay of Simonstown

My first plein air using my all new pochade easil~tripod setup. I'm not one for messing around with easy subject matter either.. in the process learning about glazes, washes, trying to find the system of layering to achieve the realized effect, a fast application, but with precision as is compulsory with the medium.. I think on reflection it was fast enough, I had really been itching to just get out the paints. My new ones also. I used some white pencil in the end for the masts. Sue me, I'm no purist!

I'm eager to start doing more of this, and want to keep improving on my equipment and method. I am considering a little white gouache to travel with too next time, inspired by the works of other plein air painters. I guess it doesn't hurt to have options, which may then open up the spectrum of possible subjects..

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