October 23, 2013

Art cafe Arabic

This is a little experiment done referencing out of a national geographic.. I really enjoyed it, pencilling and then deciding on cerulean blue and two reds, aswell as the sienna wash first. Its small, 3x4inches, stretched before leaving for the class thismorning!

October 17, 2013

The Kom, this morning

I sat to do this in my moleskin after work the other day, I didn't finish the piece as, well really I just started to get too cold. BUT, and since I have now returned home to completely botch up the painting, and thinking i would use this photo, working from it, due to the technical help of: uploading from phone, then sitting with wi-fi on later, well.. IT WAS: a first with my new fold out chair and easil all set up together. And as I say, a hoot, except for that it got cold. Really it was a shocking choice of subject too and the lighting kept changing. As you can see mostly overcast, i just love dawn in these neck of the woods though. 

Heres said set up. And will try to insert a look at that painting too, ...perhaps.

October 14, 2013

Promo Storeyboards

Scene 1     (excerpts from the written treatment)

FRAME1: We open on a wide tracking shot outside a university in the parking lot,we see  six beautiful girls watching six handsome guys trying to impress them with their  fancy cars and latest dance moves.
FRAME 2: Cut to medium shot of our nerd walking past perving over one of the girls in the group. Cut to his POV tracking but focusing on a particular girl , the shot comes to a abrupt end as we see a big hand  & face come into shot  stopping him looking and pushing him away. Cut to a wide shot and we see the leader of the group chasing our nerd away and laughing.
Cut to leader of the Big Boys as he laughs.
FRAME 5: Cut to close up tracking shot of our nerd as he slowly looks up, we see the resolve in his eyes, he is now intent on revenge!

Scene 3

FRAME 7: Late at night, nerd's room at the hostel. It has 2 single beds, a desk, 2 bedside tables, 2 cupboards and a reading lamp, on the walls are some posters and lots of books in the book racks. There is a old ceiling fan on the roof and beams of light coming though a window from a street light outside, the room is a typical guys room, not to tidy.

Scene 5  (excerpts) 
Here we go into a series of cuts between the Big Boys the Nerd  & our girl taking video clip and emailing them to a friend using GLO BOLT. (Network provider that this commercial is for)

FRAME 8:  Hall: Cut to wide tracking shot  Big boys rehearsing, cut to our girl in the background busy on her iPad, cut to close up on her screen, we see she is using GLO BOLT and is busy sending a video clip of the Big Boys dance routine.
FRAME 9: Room: Cut to our Nerd  dancing and we pull focus to the laptop screen inthe foreground as the video clip appear. Cut to close up surprised  look on his face as he sees email
Hall: Cut back to Big Boys  ( they are looking great )
Room: Cut back to our nerd  trying very hard (getting better) focus pull to new message on the screen 

On reflection: 
These artworks taught me allot. I had to work from existing boards that were provided to me by John Bright the director of the commercial. He offered to give me the boards and treatment which I then began to make sense of, effectively and simply copying the art. That seemed like the most practical way for me to try my hand at this and discover what its all about. At first storyboard art comes across quite weak and like poor skill, but that is not what its about, the point of the PICTURES is very specific and this is what I got to understand. Its not about good art, but effective pictures, telling ones. In the copying, realising the purpose by trying to duplicate the pictures. There really is a lot to it, things that ordinarily I do not pay much mind to when rendering say a piece of my own from my head or for any other reason just about.

Story board art is very intentional and that made this exercise a nice challenge: honing perspective, scale and tone to mention a few tools that go into good picture making consciously or not.

I did a few of my own for this example too. Frames 1, and 8 through 12 are my own.
It must be mentioned also that these frames do not represent a full storyboard sequence either, they are scenes that were chosen to show the client together with a pitch to sell the idea. This also means they are more finished or detailed than would be the frames of an actual full length board perhaps..

I also realised the pure advantages digital artists have in this particular field, so my next step is to acquire the means, more on that later. .

October 03, 2013

Bay of Simonstown

My first plein air using my all new pochade easil~tripod setup. I'm not one for messing around with easy subject matter either.. in the process learning about glazes, washes, trying to find the system of layering to achieve the realized effect, a fast application, but with precision as is compulsory with the medium.. I think on reflection it was fast enough, I had really been itching to just get out the paints. My new ones also. I used some white pencil in the end for the masts. Sue me, I'm no purist!

I'm eager to start doing more of this, and want to keep improving on my equipment and method. I am considering a little white gouache to travel with too next time, inspired by the works of other plein air painters. I guess it doesn't hurt to have options, which may then open up the spectrum of possible subjects..