August 08, 2013

Misty day at Muizenburg

I enjoyed painting this .. it had so much potential tonally, and so I'm lacking slightly on composition. What with trying to fit two cars in at one point. I did paint in a sign not meant to be painted in. The whole scene was something hard to look at much less paint, although considerable craft lies therein. Suffice it that I got to doing the sky.. and it called for another layer of colour, however I then moved on, my first wash being only yellow, eventually limiting my palette to 3 main colours.

Spending time in this way is truly a blessing of the moment. Where I like to be, and struggle to most often. I wish to do more nature though and less architecture as has been the case lately.

Muisenburg is a pretty corner though, the buildings unique and marvelously out in the open. Had a chat to Richard at Empire Books and then took a stroll, coming to sit on a bench along the somewhat abandoned feeling promenade that runs above street level atop of the putt-putt course. There used to be bumper boats there but those too were abandoned, the pool filled in.

Unfortunately this photo did not come out well enough at all. I shall do my best to fix this soon, but for now a humble lesson in tone. And a little (little) edit in photoshop!

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