August 29, 2013

Baden bangs his Drums!

In doing this caricature I learned the value of TIGHT drawings. The process cant be skipped although I also suppose there is no right or wrong one, or way of reaching a finish.. hmm. Enjoyment is the key. Ive been thinking about art and commercialism, being payed for what you love doing is a bit of a slave mentality, someone pointed out this week. Enough about that.

Here is Baden, his birthday card I did too and posted that design in a previous post. Caricature in my understanding is meant to be loose, linework bordering cartoons. I suppose actually that IS its essence, rather than what I find i have wondered off into: more portraiture, in achieving the likeness. Its a difficult thing to just jump into though.. I would like to give it another good go fairly soon.. since this is a revisit after quite a few years now. Cartoons and characateurs being quite a specialized and established style.

I recently had the good fortune to meet a very successful and established cartoonist, who i have been inspired by for some time. Its good to be networking more these days and mingling with other creative people.

Here is a link to the figurehead of characaeur art as I have come to understand it..
Below is a few process shots of the caricature of Baden.

Pencils (this stage is NB!) and then a few washes of watercolours


Inks and touch ups in pencils crayons (Aquerelle). This is done on light Fabriano paper.

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