June 15, 2013

Spilt beans

Here is my latest chalk design done not yet a week ago at a lovely pit stop owned by a dashing fella. Gareth has run Spill the beans for some time and serves the best coffee in town.

As I explained to curious onlookers and critical by standers: chalk is a tuff choice. It is not mistake friendly, and that got me thinking and now I realize the irony, what a marvelous means to overcoming said erroneous thought. I had this in mind to some extent but still had to develop momentum as I went. I enjoyed it dare I say.

Chalk is also great in learning the values of things, tone and contrast. Colours can be whacked onto others, lightening as you go. From a very loose and subtle draft, and ending in bold painterly strokes, but which give that crisp rasp when marking. More commissions please!

Well not the best photo, will see about replacing it soon

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