May 17, 2013

Simonstown east dockyard


Today's little watercolour done in my mole skin watercolour book. I used a small set of winsor and newton block paints and a sable no.10 brush. Eventually I got to doing some of the view I am so accustomed to, and that is my biggest achievement in this. It feels like it happened by accident too and I'm not certain if that was good or bad.. well. I am glad, to have had the paints out, sitting in the sun on compass steps. There was actually a lamp post in my way, but id decided on narrowing in on a small part of the scene, building the rest up as I went. As usual a complicated subject, but that's again what's been great: as Plein air does not compromise, its about rendering what you see, albeit with license.. to portray my own impression.

Really enjoyable!!

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