May 30, 2013

Backyard in Greyton

This week I was away with a dear friend of mine to inspect property he has just recently inherited. Allot can be told of the trip but for now suffice it to note that Greyton is one of our naturally beautiful settings, the town itself seems ensconced in mountains, which range I am unsure now. But I plan to look into it more. Truly a plein air treasure trove, and I have been very captured by my surrounds of late.

So, I got to paint on two occasions with my little waters and one of which I was pleased enough to post.. its the little peak that guards the end of Lincolns rectangular garden. It was quite fun.. especially noting how everything was in motion, clouds and the orange glow which slowly diminished. Watercolours can be so rewarding, and frustrating and intriguing..

Definitely a place to go back to, and much learnt in my process so far. More plein air rambles to come

May 27, 2013

Pipe Boat

This is a view I settled on at the end of some reckoning today, and a few thoughtful spots later, ~ I had just eaten a small portion of chips from the salty sea dog. My friend Wendy says boats are of some significant symbolism.

On the subject of process. Quite unattractive, I realize I have a lot of unnecessary strain where accuracy is concerned, like earlier stated, this lends itself to NOT SEEING altogether. Thus composition is a big factor, or a resultant one. I believe my paint use was good, and I was pleased with colour, although not tone, definitely, whilst I became conscious of this importantly at a point.

Overall a big mess, oh goodness!  A determined one, as my sisters photo of me will show. .

 I love this field experimenting..

May 25, 2013

Drawings from life

  Some more recent pieces I have done in three different sessions. Still enjoying the process and establishing what outcome I am most comfortable with. Allot of experimenting and applications of different media, papers etc. That's the fun of it I guess, and its often too easy getting carried away with wanted outcome as I can testify to from most recently.

So here I'm reminding myself a little, and so far these are my works from the kalk bay group. I am now keen to develop more along the lines of those rendering from the quicker poses.. (2min; 5min) and no doubt will post on the topic in time to come. 

May 17, 2013

Simonstown east dockyard


Today's little watercolour done in my mole skin watercolour book. I used a small set of winsor and newton block paints and a sable no.10 brush. Eventually I got to doing some of the view I am so accustomed to, and that is my biggest achievement in this. It feels like it happened by accident too and I'm not certain if that was good or bad.. well. I am glad, to have had the paints out, sitting in the sun on compass steps. There was actually a lamp post in my way, but id decided on narrowing in on a small part of the scene, building the rest up as I went. As usual a complicated subject, but that's again what's been great: as Plein air does not compromise, its about rendering what you see, albeit with license.. to portray my own impression.

Really enjoyable!!