April 23, 2013

Kit and co. Drawn and painted

I have them at last< and snapped on a better camera but alas not up to all that editing, so we shall have them as they are for now, will add more as I go and elaborate some, for further commentary. I am self promoting. . . Enjoyed today's session, and posting the same day too..

The above are today's pieces.. from left to right< my last 30min, in water colour, this photo really does no justice however I have since put another wash on and will scan that soon to post anew, the others are another 30min and on the right a 15 minute pencil on paper. This was my favourite as i experienced that left hand coming out of nowhere and believe/ felt i did it justice, but it was a surprise! The middle is on toned board, pencil, paint.. 

These below are from previous studies I meant to post ..  both water colour finishes

More shortly..

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