April 27, 2013

Digital Life Drawing

Here are some other renderings of my life drawing studies. These photos I have manipulated in Paintshop so that they are more becoming, stand out more. With different effects tools in the program applied I thought they would be visually good to post. Lets see

This is Jenny again. I cant remember the length of the pose but obviously I was concentrated on pencilling shadow here, and I feel happy with the result.

Most recently (below) I did these two pencil contour type drawings, outlines for a painterly water effect perhaps. . investigating my process.. used a light pencil for tone blocking, I was taught that by Wendy by the way who I met at the group in Kalk Bay.. shes fabulous! 2H or 3H with B or 4B, I brought in other media here too.. no telling!

The below was happily enhanced to show clearly the brush work and watery patchiness of it, I used bad paper for this (unstreched) and it shows, never the less, and a bit of colour.. 

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