April 27, 2013

Digital Life Drawing

Here are some other renderings of my life drawing studies. These photos I have manipulated in Paintshop so that they are more becoming, stand out more. With different effects tools in the program applied I thought they would be visually good to post. Lets see

This is Jenny again. I cant remember the length of the pose but obviously I was concentrated on pencilling shadow here, and I feel happy with the result.

Most recently (below) I did these two pencil contour type drawings, outlines for a painterly water effect perhaps. . investigating my process.. used a light pencil for tone blocking, I was taught that by Wendy by the way who I met at the group in Kalk Bay.. shes fabulous! 2H or 3H with B or 4B, I brought in other media here too.. no telling!

The below was happily enhanced to show clearly the brush work and watery patchiness of it, I used bad paper for this (unstreched) and it shows, never the less, and a bit of colour.. 

April 23, 2013

Kit and co. Drawn and painted

I have them at last< and snapped on a better camera but alas not up to all that editing, so we shall have them as they are for now, will add more as I go and elaborate some, for further commentary. I am self promoting. . . Enjoyed today's session, and posting the same day too..

The above are today's pieces.. from left to right< my last 30min, in water colour, this photo really does no justice however I have since put another wash on and will scan that soon to post anew, the others are another 30min and on the right a 15 minute pencil on paper. This was my favourite as i experienced that left hand coming out of nowhere and believe/ felt i did it justice, but it was a surprise! The middle is on toned board, pencil, paint.. 

These below are from previous studies I meant to post ..  both water colour finishes

More shortly..

April 11, 2013

Small post

I recently went up the mountain and walked about a most beautiful place. Tranquil and beautiful, and I took some photo's, so here they are. Nothing overly much to say about it though, as is the nature and spirit of being as I am then and now..

I thought to make this the next concerted plein air setting, and will await the next day like this one, it is now autumn so I am sure there will not be a shortage. Grey days, atmospheric and lending to painting, though id like to think any day is a day to paint. Part of the learning. Definitely my favourite spot!

April 03, 2013

Sky Monster

I sort of thumbnailed this off, in big.. attempting to portray what I saw in my minds eye. In ball point on plain paper. I then scanned and did some colouring with a few different programs. Paintshop, Photoshop and Gimp.. purely because i've learned this and that and some things in one and not in the other yet. Will have to see about that.. although it works for the moment, and its a process I don't wholly dislike.. 

I have found a very usefull place to learn by the way and look forward to doing more digitally.