February 05, 2013

Life drawings 3 & 4..

Here are my new life drawings, i did last week and this week. Jenny and kitty again. Im still rather enjoying the experience of attending these sessions in Kalk Bay. Nice to be amoungst a group of people doing what we all enjoy. It is a good way to practise and I guess this way I develop my skills most importantly but also achieve some results along the way. Oh and thanks to my upgrade, this is my first ever post from my mobile! And the photo's therefor are not wonderfull but I resign myself to this for now and for these works atleast anyway.. 

The above piece was a half hour pose, I really put allot of work into trying to find the tone, rather than keeping an eye on the proportions, it was only after I had got home I looked again at how long I'd extended that left arm of hers and well, lets just say the left side of her is slightly OUT!