January 24, 2013

Beaverlac get away

I was at a place called: Beaverlac for four nights this past while. What can be said about it. Depending on your intentions, best to go during the week. It is HOT up there, but imagine not as hot as surrounding places.. I am familiar some with, Eendekuil and Picketburg for example. .  I love this side of our county.. The atmosphere is very soothing to me.

It was truely beautifull.. took a few shots but not of most of the really great parts of it. Like the main rock pools and the Ratel river  that fountains down a boulderous landscape above and surrounding the site. Its also recomended you take your 4x4.. or something more suitable than my humble ride.. 

January 16, 2013

KBLD #1.2

This is the finished piece I'd mentioned and promised to post from previously.. This was done all at once except for a last wash, which I did at home, in attempting to stabilize the tones and general composition. 

Life drawing with watercolour!!

Kalk Bay Life Drawing #2

Below are my last life drawings, from Tuesday past. The model is Andrew. I did a series of drawings trying different mediums: charcoal, sanguine sticks and pencils, pastel on layout paper and different boards of which some were provided. Whilst scrambling around trying to keep up with the time, not a good way to try my hand at these but anyway.. I enjoyed myself more in the end, for the 3 long (half hour) poses. The warm ups were good too I guess! Important lessons all round, most important thing too..

15 mins

5 mins each (these photo's not edited digitally)

  Half hour pose on paper (!) pencil and water colour.

January 03, 2013

The Long Journey

I recently took a much needed trip up the west coast (my favourite, naturally) to see family and be with them at their beautiful home RIGHT on the beach. And what a beautiful beach. What amazes me most about it is the colour of the sand, which seems to have a golden iridescence to it, which I haven't been able to work out as yet, why, except that the rock formation in this area probably has allot to do with it. A type of granite which has a red ochre/rusty colour chip in it, but from a distance gives the rock an overall brownie colour. That is another striking thing about Paternoster, the lone clusters of rock which jut out here and there mostly surrounded by what initially seems quite barren and dull coloured landscape. If you get closer to it however, the ground that is, you're instantly aligned to the spirit of the place, in its richness of colour and forms, vastly expansive, thriving, intricately unique flora that  tells you the truth of its beauty, and I feel as if I can sit and be in that beauty, and so also am aligned. I was very gatefull for this trip. And also for the time I received from my extended family who are very loving and encouraging.

I attempted to fly a kite (but it was broken), I surfed myself into fatigue and caught a decent ride or two in the corner on the last night before leaving, the south easter picked up and everything worked perfectly, the sun became a golden globe that fell behind the bank of grey rock on my left along which the rip tide kept me circling in and out of the swell. But mostly what highlighted this same day was my trek across the long beach from the house from where I started to what is known as Groot Paternoster to the north, and apparently it is actually a private reserve which is part of a trust that is owned by the late Charlie Chaplin. I had meant to make the long walk across to see this for myself on previous visits but had not managed to get all the way.

The best time being at low tide, I set out and luckily had my little phone camera with me, so below I will post some of what I saw. . 

Looking back toward the house
The day started out cool and misty
Along the way I passed an old pump house, which is actually close to an oyster farm but which I could not see from where I was but can be seen on the map. At this stage I sat and the decided I would try to make it all the way. I was very intrigued by what I had heard about the reserve ahead and on a clear afternoon usually you can just make out the houses in the distance. So I decided I would jog from here on, which I did.

I had my tackies on and I stashed my bag with stored mango which was a life saver once I got back to this spot later..

Beach in front of Groot Paternoster
Looking back from GP

The ground here was a bleached pallet which I decided to try and capture.
According to the map it looks like around 15 km's that I did, jogging from the pump house and back, walking the rest of it. I had a little skinny dip there when the coast was clear and carried on. Thank goodness for the weather (even though I did get redder) and that mango! Didn't do any painting but I was plenty inspired and recharged !