December 19, 2012

Kalk Bay Life Drawing #1

This was my first experience of drawing from life. The model is Kitty who did a series of poses for different lengths of time starting out with short times: 5 minutes and up. The two last poses were half hours each and I managed to complete, well, one semi complete water colour rendition (the last for the day) and one using some paint to lay in tone over white and burnt umber pencils on pale brown board.. 

This is such an amazing thing to have experienced and done. Afterwards there was a whole spread and party as it was the last one of the year. All artists chatting, Christmas pie in hand, I had a coke, some baby carrots. Wow also discover fruit cake.. this stuff is amazing too. Who knew. I must get some today. (Mental note)

In further describing the process, I did not know what to expect, I got the paper there and happened to have the right pencils to give me DUO Tone capabilities.. which was fortuitous. I became a little confused with drawing either the light or the shadow and found I was almost working against myself at times. That one should use one medium entirely first and then the other perhaps is the answer, but I cant really tell for sure now. This would be to assume I am trying to get a sketch sort of finish, versus a rough drawing, or single colour sketch vs a more painterly finish. And then it opens itself up to more mediums.. that was when I reached for a brush. The water sat well on the paper too! Finally having almost used up my provided provision of big brown paper I quickly placed the stretched water paper on a board I was lucky to have had it me and brought into the hall!! I do like what I did but will post this piece another time as I will need to either scan this or find a suitable camera to capture it. These are the few images I have deemed worthy of posting for now, in order from quicker sketch to 2nd last half hour.. 

December 13, 2012

Rayno's Tea Cup

This was done in class, except for the final layer of colour. I just saw its thumbnail in my folder and thought it needed to be posted. I'm not sure now, it needs two labels here, since it was done as an illustration exercise I will call it both an illustration, but also a still life, in water colours.

Rayno in his last class did a demonstration in water for me, at the same time re-writing notes on the sequence of working. I thought I could just post that here too. The image will need close inspection to make out what is written.

This is watercolour technique in 5 easy steps!

December 11, 2012

Plein air Two (Meditations)

Sundays little plein air. Yes I'm milking that term now, for sure. Its really just quite good practice, and honestly this photo does no justice whatsoever to the paintings energy. I am at least positive. It was so fun to do, having a time limit too, but with the weather and other conditions I imagine there is always the time factor, and I like to work quickly from life anyway. So much runs through my head it probably feels like an eternity when  caught up in it, yes. It did. It was enjoyable and that's that.. I will use a smallest image format to help do SOME justice.

My colours are wrong, my technique is anything but stabilized or established or even helpful and there are the mistakes some not good! What I think I was mostly conscious of was tone even though my colours did disrupt that and the composition overall with this in mind. I learned allot though! Water colour is the only way! Oh yes, its a scene from just inside the graveyard. It's a lovely mess to commemorate the time!

This image quality IS really bad, I will endevour to not upload as such again!

December 10, 2012

An Old Piece

This got photographed recently. I am not really equipped to do so but never the less. The image has only had a minimal colour saturation filter. Just a little ode to the past now that I have put so much emphasis on all things new.

Actually this was not meant to be a painting as such. This piece of paper just got some paint on it, so it became one, and I am labeling it that too!