November 12, 2012

Seaforth on a cloudy day

Here is my first full fledged Plein air in watercolour. It is a milestone I am proud of. The painting itself is nothing to boast about, though with each new one I learn more, and also I believe I am undergoing a self taught process to this end. It was and is an inspiring and wonderful experience.. With this piece I put into practice the means of using a view finder (I used my fingers this time) so to have the right scale and proportions in the composition. Before which getting everything to fit in I was finding a real challenge! The initial drawing I did in a manner I am accustomed to when working from life, without much attention to light mapping as it were, and therefore not wholely considering the move into colour paints.

And so with this I also add a new category label! And I plan to add more to it very soon! 

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