November 24, 2012

Master Yang

This is a finished 'illustration' as a result of the course that I have now completed under the wise tutelage of  Mr. Rayno Swart in my humblest Simonstown.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process which we underwent and which produced this piece. It does NOT however look great on the screen for whatever reason, whilst I have tried to enhance it, seems logical to me though that it wouldn't considering the medium used, which has everything to do with light (watercolors dear), then made to be captured by my own light emitting digitalia and this not of the finest grade assuredly (scanner, dpi yada yada). Never the less, I wanted to show and tell.. for my own completed expression of it. 

It was done with two washes, mostly sienna and blue on both, and on a good quality Bockingford 450 gsm sheet I did not even stretch. The subject is his honorable  Tai-Chi master in the single whip pose, which is a movement quite lovely to perform. When I saw these photo's in a book I immediately knew they would render beautifully for the purposes I was learning in illustration and watercolour, the originals also have an old almost newspaper print quality. 

Rayno's new book is being released today and I am very excited to see whats inside, I hope that it does have lots of his origional notes. During the recent course I did I also kept notes but I would always wish that I had written them down in the order he had, as I would be in a rush and trying to do the excercises and watch his demonstartions and write all at the same time and it would come out all jumbled. Rayno is a fantastic teacher and brilliant artist I look up to and definitely will remain in contact with.

I also highly advocate the practice of Tai Chi as a means of harmonizing and practicing mindfulness. I have a wonderful teacher for that too and belong to the Lin Ming School in Kalk Bay.

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