November 24, 2012

Gun Slingers

This isn't a finished work! But since I am posting on the topic and this piece was developed in the same vein as was the previous.. 

I am quite close to it now and perhaps if I let it have some space I will have time to reflect on it more and manage to integrate what I have learnt by doing it. That is definitely a point when it comes to watercolour, you cant seem to get enough space.. I had to resist the urge to keep dabbing and poking about on the paper! Really in the process I know I could actually ruin it, but then one shouldn't ever be that close in the first place.. attachment, obsessiveness, perfection, all sorts comes up for me. 

And now I am too irritated to elaborate further.. here they are: the gun slingers.

The reference was fun too since it was snipped with windows from a dvd.. films are good for lighting. Speaking of which how is that central glow? 

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