October 07, 2010

Clockwork Faerie Throne

Fashionable seated sentinel on alien planetscape!

Of late all that I have posted are pieces created years in the past. This one is no exception, probably painted around 2000. 

Without delving too deeply into subject matter, these represent my more finished self expressions of the time. Based on a sort of personal philosophy with dictates to the character and energy of the images. Similar aspects may be seen in other pieces from my early works. As I was influenced heavily in my youth I have no shame in exhibiting these, for the records!

This guy is sitting on the reverse side of a three page catalogue which would introduce and explain a certain concept. I would imagine. Bits and pieces have been scanned from the whole 6 pages. I worked with a colourful pallet of oil applied to a cheap piece of cardboard! 

right is more from the same side, and below the reverse side imagery. 

( detail )

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