August 12, 2010

The Game

I did this drawing with the main character of a play in mind. I helped in the production and varies other area's. It was called 'The Game'. I cant remember he's name right now, but he is a hunchback butler with eccentric tendencies staying in creepy house in the deep Karoo.. nuf said!I did two pieces, one with pen and the other pencil .. just for show. Drawings therefore. Curt

August 10, 2010


This is an oil commission piece I did in roughly 2001. It was captured at last on camera sitting on the wall of my friends place.. I only remember doing it vaguely, but enjoyment is not also easily forgotten, so .. an oil painting done on board, the frame I also made and assembled. I used some pine bark and silver paint, the rest is wood and some strips of green streamer paper.

Lady's Body

I have just realised when catagorising this, it is niether sketch (inthat it isnt from life or referenced externally) nor is it a drawing in its conservative sence (because it isnt finitely rendered) so it is only a doodle, which is my forté it seems of late. Wach out for the next post...

Old MF Bergie

Ancient from the Magic Forest, all non-fictional origional refernce, here doodled and blogged!

August 07, 2010

Leo Dancer's Chick

These are some old doodle pad scans .. which I found and decided to post. I am decidedly leaving it as is with the reverse side of the page showing through even.

Dwerg Ouens

August 06, 2010

Faces in Blue

Another page from one of my doodle pads. Faces in blue ball pen, on soft recycled paper. Plus a hand!