October 10, 2010

Will Smith

The Fresh Prince .. Here is the last scan I will post from my earlier years. Also made in 1994, now only little more than half my lifetime ago, then being inspired to professional illustration and cartooning. 

Kepler Wessels

Ive never really been one to actually enjoy watching sports but it doesn't hurt being socially conscious .. I guess at the time this guy was famous enough a candidate in South Africa to practice my Caricaturing skills on.

October 07, 2010

Clockwork Faerie Throne

Fashionable seated sentinel on alien planetscape!

Of late all that I have posted are pieces created years in the past. This one is no exception, probably painted around 2000. 

Without delving too deeply into subject matter, these represent my more finished self expressions of the time. Based on a sort of personal philosophy with dictates to the character and energy of the images. Similar aspects may be seen in other pieces from my early works. As I was influenced heavily in my youth I have no shame in exhibiting these, for the records!

This guy is sitting on the reverse side of a three page catalogue which would introduce and explain a certain concept. I would imagine. Bits and pieces have been scanned from the whole 6 pages. I worked with a colourful pallet of oil applied to a cheap piece of cardboard! 

right is more from the same side, and below the reverse side imagery. 

( detail )

The Origional Mr Pen Pen

I like 'Original' works (words!) it would appear, here is 'The Original Mr.Pen Pen, why? Since he was made with a pencil I cannot now remember.. still, glad I kept the image. If I do recall he was made along with other painting layouts at the time that were quite similar in some aspects which I no longer have.. this being probably around the 1997 mark.. there abouts. Inspired!!

October 06, 2010

Clint Eastwood

This piece exemplifies some creative liberty in the addition of the caravan, if I recall it was done around the time of his movie, a perfect world or some such title: where he plays the sheriff, or law enforcer as it were. These caricatures were done using the state of the art cartoonists tri-nib koki's, which are used mostly by fashion designers. I actually saw one similar the other day but only with 2 nibs, I wonder if the 3 nib kind are still available. Very expensive medium for a youngster as I was, therefor I was blessed to have been given my few by Collin Daniel of the Argus who I met one day. Here he is!


I will be adding the last of my scans from this period over the next little while. It would appear that the year 1994 was quite a productive year for me, as a young boy: aged 13. And I want to feel like that again.. however for now since this blog is partly for reminiscing, here they are..

August 12, 2010

The Game

I did this drawing with the main character of a play in mind. I helped in the production and varies other area's. It was called 'The Game'. I cant remember he's name right now, but he is a hunchback butler with eccentric tendencies staying in creepy house in the deep Karoo.. nuf said!I did two pieces, one with pen and the other pencil .. just for show. Drawings therefore. Curt

August 10, 2010


This is an oil commission piece I did in roughly 2001. It was captured at last on camera sitting on the wall of my friends place.. I only remember doing it vaguely, but enjoyment is not also easily forgotten, so .. an oil painting done on board, the frame I also made and assembled. I used some pine bark and silver paint, the rest is wood and some strips of green streamer paper.

Lady's Body

I have just realised when catagorising this, it is niether sketch (inthat it isnt from life or referenced externally) nor is it a drawing in its conservative sence (because it isnt finitely rendered) so it is only a doodle, which is my forté it seems of late. Wach out for the next post...

Old MF Bergie

Ancient from the Magic Forest, all non-fictional origional refernce, here doodled and blogged!

August 07, 2010

Leo Dancer's Chick

These are some old doodle pad scans .. which I found and decided to post. I am decidedly leaving it as is with the reverse side of the page showing through even.

Dwerg Ouens

August 06, 2010

Faces in Blue

Another page from one of my doodle pads. Faces in blue ball pen, on soft recycled paper. Plus a hand!

July 14, 2010

Emoto Ground Smasher

Here is a recent doodle/sketch from my pad. Ball ink and ordinary white A4. I guess the process was enjoyable in that the picture intends to convey an emotion and is somewhat successful in that regard. A bit of a corny title maybe, I'm still not sold on it. I like the piece though. Tah

June 28, 2010


This is a tree that represents my will on a very particular occasion recently. At this time I had a picture form clearly in my mind. I will describe the vision as thus: a tree on the edge of a cliff, alive and real. I must therefor enjoy these elements that is to say that they are quite crucial in the symbolism. Doing this picture was not as important as it was having the experience and all that it means to me. Thanks

April 16, 2010

Tiste Edur

Also Steven Erickson inspired. I highly recommend reading his books (obviously they are not for everyone, probably for the more 'over-developed' imaginers, never the less.. ) This doodle is one of unfixed intention, included is the clown's head as a supplement on the page.

April 07, 2010


Here is a cropped version of a ball pen piece in my latest doodles pad. The crop works well to present it here as what I consider the finish product. Should I give it a name. The filename is: Norskman(bv).jpg .. Cheers

April 06, 2010

Three Crayon

This piece is the result of an art class which I ran this past month. The idea arose straight out of a library book and I guess I was really trying it out for myself therefore. The colours and media work so well together it hardly required any effort on my part and frankly I was a little surprised and actually pleased with it. A very worthwhile and notable meditative three quarters hour spent with some good sanguine sticks, charcoal and white pastels. The still life in front of us featured an array of onion, garlic and potatoes. And so too a new category begins on my blog. Cheers

March 17, 2010


This image was inspired by Steven Erikson's 9th Novel Dust of Dreams. It is of what is actually described as a mountainous construction in the shape of a dragon. A lot is left to the imagination excepting that it is made mostly of some type of rock, how detailed etc is unsure. This is a pencil drawing, likely preliminary oil painting material. Some of the form needs work, around the neck, and so the perspective is slightly out in that regard. Otherwise, first post of the year! Happy!