April 19, 2009

Lady Waiting

This lady was waiting outside one day for somebody. She seemed like an elegant and worthy model in her posed way. So i had the occasion to take her photo unknown to her and then had this rendering of her to post here, also the photo may bee seen in the slide show. Have a look.

Viking Standing

My second Viking installment.. I had this doodle tucked away in a box in my cupboard, and have wanted to present him for a while. I think he makes a valuable contribution simply for the pleasure I took in having him made. You can make out the design outlines (the cross which measures the proportions) underneath still. I decided to frame and post him here, possibly also I will make a print in a bigger scale on what I may then apply some further investitures!! I now have two north men pictures on my blog!!! Why? I have always felt a lot of inspiration from this historical/geographical idea. I have imagined the small boats and oars and misty fog enveloped fjords and as a kid I was fond of the fantastical elements therein too. That's why! He is that self same idea!

Ogre Chow

Yesterday I met Beatrice Mcsorely (an established artist from Belgium) it was very inspiring, she recommended that I try my hand at etchings, when she saw this piece which she said she liked. I also explained that I had scanned it from my sketch book and was quite disappointed at how it looks digitally, allot of the vibrancy is lost I think. Anyway.. I have tried to render it with certain photo enhancing options and I have put a frame around it. Done with ball-pen again! CM.