November 07, 2009


I thought it was high time I added something more to my blog. This isnt about quality control after all. This is one mostly for the archives, and I am
going to add a new CATAGORY LABEL: ie: "Origional Doodles" which is what this is.

She holds a very precise section of page in one of my recent drawing books. Done with blue ball pen and on normal A4 white paper.

She is probably no bigger than one and a half inches in real life. Nice frame added and I'll leave it at that for now. Maybe she'll have more space on my blog in the future!

September 03, 2009


Something that may end up comicy perhaps. I have allot of time for these ego based doodles, whilst I am aware of my own critic, I am of necessity including it to my blog posts because. Just so; because. At last you may think it unwise to so evenly profess this unevenness of mine regarding how they come about, what are they though right? Whatever

August 25, 2009

Blog Chic

version, whilst I could not provide any new articles in some time already this seemed OK to do. You may recognise it from what I used to manipulate afterward digitally (bottom of this Blog) into a color render. Actualy my scanner is not on the BLINK and rather I seem to have (LOST) misplaced (thrown/given away mistakingly) the lead which connects it to my machine.. AGH!


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April 19, 2009

Lady Waiting

This lady was waiting outside one day for somebody. She seemed like an elegant and worthy model in her posed way. So i had the occasion to take her photo unknown to her and then had this rendering of her to post here, also the photo may bee seen in the slide show. Have a look.

Viking Standing

My second Viking installment.. I had this doodle tucked away in a box in my cupboard, and have wanted to present him for a while. I think he makes a valuable contribution simply for the pleasure I took in having him made. You can make out the design outlines (the cross which measures the proportions) underneath still. I decided to frame and post him here, possibly also I will make a print in a bigger scale on what I may then apply some further investitures!! I now have two north men pictures on my blog!!! Why? I have always felt a lot of inspiration from this historical/geographical idea. I have imagined the small boats and oars and misty fog enveloped fjords and as a kid I was fond of the fantastical elements therein too. That's why! He is that self same idea!

Ogre Chow

Yesterday I met Beatrice Mcsorely (an established artist from Belgium) it was very inspiring, she recommended that I try my hand at etchings, when she saw this piece which she said she liked. I also explained that I had scanned it from my sketch book and was quite disappointed at how it looks digitally, allot of the vibrancy is lost I think. Anyway.. I have tried to render it with certain photo enhancing options and I have put a frame around it. Done with ball-pen again! CM.

March 08, 2009

Gun Proud

This guy has a phallic gun and very insubstantial hands with which to fire it. He represents (to me.. not to give away too much) illegitimate pride, which comes with seeking status and recognition, which I read somewhere only recently. It is a mixed media event, pastels and charcoal background as well as pencils with oil paints and foreground cut out (I think that always looks so nice scanned, some may disagree). 

March 07, 2009

Comic Experiments

I think that aesthetically these are not the most pleasing articles from my portfolio or what amounts to what could be termed that, for now. However I do believe they are of some worth if not simply for the colours and in recalling it experimentally. I was specifically intending something comic in form at the time and trying to do most of the work before capturing it digitally. More and more in my personal life I am realising the necessary enjoyment that comes with any creative process. I have gotten a certain amount of joy out of all my productions, and these would be two such products. Their presence on my blog was mandatory, and in completing the theme(s) that have developed here so far. You will notice in the characters that are repeated. Lekka! C.M.

February 01, 2009

No Cigar

Another master work of a digital doodle, highest quality that you have come to expect.. Usual methods, ball pen done in a scrap book. These type of works are best finished with oil. Obviously it is just a style, and in these instances as with most of recent, there is no particular purpose inherent, so I have resorted to simply putting in minimal colours and posting. Online 4ever! ~L8r

January 06, 2009

Comic Doodle

This is a recent doodle of mine from one of my books. Ball pen on recycling paper, colours added digitally in Paint Shop. A kind of comic style character concept, still a fond area of experimentation for me. The freehand design and ending touches and finishes!