February 14, 2008


This was a quick penciling, gone digital. Not anything special as is but allot more I could do with it I guess, perhaps I will post revised or updated versions later, something I could use with other/more graphics, ie headers, etc..

This one I added some text to and since I did, thought "might as well just post it here"; complete for the moment.


Cyber Dude. This is quite a kewil scan, came out huge, so what you see here is way shrunk, but you can get a better look if you click on him! His composition was quite meditative for me, it's simple stylised ball penning! Its about shape I guess! I gave him this name when he became a file on my computer!


Little Liz-man!

Nice how the paper texture shows through in this original scan, the drawing itself is quite small.
The other is finished in Paint shop with colour and a basic effect has been applied too.

Brain Fondu

Well what do you know, more cathartic vomit! Never the less, perhaps I will soon be purged of all that remains of my past works. Also using mixed media, oils, cut-outs, and pencil showing some of my favourite subject matter.. it's sort of surealistic you could say, focal, and I enjoyed thoroughly the splattering of the blood.. for good measure! It screams mental anguish! Take a closer look and leave a comment. Enjoy!


colour pencils, koki and a sticker
This is/was especially cathartic for me, so I thought I could not neglect to post it on my blog!
It is a play on subtleties (colour in the nose end) and a contrasting harshness around the jaw and eye! I know it's not pritty, what can I say?
I dont want to say anymore, comments please .. 


Actually I dont know what I was thinking doing this one.. It isnt the whole piece either.. only what could fit. Mixed media, probably something I intended to try and sell!! 

Road to Eendekuil

This piece, which is probably about 3 and a half meters in length was done in a basic acrylic streight onto a prepared wall! I used a photo for referance on the area and was actualy resided there at the time too. The scenery is of many wheat fields and the enclosing mountiains with the highway running through. Blue gums trees I think.

I did the painting in 3 sessions, so it was not an endevour at accuracy, but more in effects and technique, 1st the sky, land and then I put in the trees! Also I must point out that it was done in the corner of a room, you can make that out if you look close..

Red Mens

3 Styled drawings, similar in concept/composition..
Done using ball pen (in this case red) on either A3 or A4.. they are experiments in form and movement aswell as perspectives, angles and is a type of free style. Generaly I like the subject matter I end up with, these pieces I did and scanned some time ago. I will add new ones soon.