April 28, 2008

God in Text

This is a poor quality shot of the piece taken with my phone.
At any rate here it is.. I will add a better quality one later.
It is writing used in khabalistic mysticism which says the word God. Done for a good friend of mine. It took me some time to finish admittedly.. so thanks for the patience and I hope you like!
This photo is shot to show the work done on the frame as such. which completes the piece. You need to enlarge it to see what I am referring to. The end product being it's place on a wall and the manner in which it it is made to hang.
These photo's were taken as it was being transported via Newlands train station!

April 23, 2008

Blue Angel

Also a drawing done at work in Kalk Bay.

I just decided since I am doing the blog thing.. here it belongs! In no way enhanced or digitized. Only shrunk slightly from the original scan. This one in blue ball pen on the same scrap paper.

Vai King

This is my new viking king. Done with ball pen on recycled scrapbook paper. And a close up in its origional scan size, a portion which I thought to look nice (click for a closer look)